Learning & Tips

IK Plus has got you covered with everyday tips, from simple office solutions to environmental care!

Aug 28 2020

3 Tips For Smooth Working Performance

3 Tips For Smooth Working Performance

Aug 17 2020

Go Green At The Office

Each paper of IK Plus is made entirely from natural wood and produced in a clear certified sustainable environment.

Jul 30 2020

IK Plus Paper For Smooth Office Experience

IK Plus paper has transformed daily work into a quick and efficient.

Jun 29 2020

3 Simple Ways To Start Your Day At Work

We’ve got some tips on how you can start your day feeling motivated and positive.

Aug 18 2020

The Correct Way Of Putting Paper Into Copiers

With 4 simple steps, you can avoid all paper-jam, ink wastage and achieve sharp & crisp printouts!

Jan 7 2020

Avoid Waste In The Office

IK Plus encourages you to try these steps to help avoid wastage in your office!